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As a specialist property management company, our priority is managing relationships & investment properties to the highest level. Our team of dedicated professionals are knowledgeable and experienced to ensure you’re achieving the best results from your investment.

At Hills Prestige Property Management we’re totally invested in you and your property. Being the Director of Hills Prestige Property Management, as well as your daily hands-on Property Manager, quality is assured, as well as no constant changing of Property Managers. Recognising the decreasing number of experienced Property Managers over recent years, as well as the lack of quality specialist property management services, Hills Prestige Property Management was established in 2019. Our vision is to provide superior quality, personalised property management to investors & Tenants of property in the Sydney Hills District, partnering with investors & tenants as skilled, caring, honest & transparent agents to achieve your investment goals.

  • Specialist Property Management business 
  • Our core business is Property Management
  • Utilisation of the latest technologies available
  • 30+ years of invaluable Property Management experience
  • Hands-on business owner managing the tenancy & your property on a daily basis
  • The Director is your Property Manager so there’s no constant changing of Property Managers 
  • Smaller portfolio size to ensure we have the time to provide the quality service you expect and deserve
  • Constant training to ensure we remain leaders in the industry
  • Members of the REI NSW




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