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Hills Prestige Property Management provide a comprehensive Property Management service with a proactive approach to your property. We work with you to ensure your asset is managed effectively. Our service ensures you get the most out of your investment. To ensure this is achieved our service includes the following:-


  • Understanding and responding to the current market conditions to ensure minimum vacancy & potential loss of income.


  • Rental price optimisation to ensure quick leasing, quality tenants and maximum return.


  • Communicating effectively & respectfully with both the Landlord and the Tenant to build strong relationships.


  • Marketing your property professionally on the major websites as well as our own company website using professional photos. A sign board will be installed at the property.


  • Tapping into our database of existing Tenants seeking property to lease yours as quickly as possible, and minimise any potential vacancy.


  • Seeking the right Tenant for your property, not just any Tenant. If we wouldn’t put them in our own property, we won’t place them in yours. You have the final say.


  • Thoroughly screen applicants. A 100-point ID check carried out. Employment & income is confirmed to ensure they can afford the property, check previous rental history, property ownership confirmed if they’ve not rented previously plus default database search conducted.


  • Minimising your risk as a property investor by arranging smoke alarm maintenance, water efficiency, swimming pool & window lock compliance.


  • Negotiating lease terms with the Tenant to get the best possible outcome for all involved.


  • Aligning lease expiry to avoid potential vacancy during known slow periods, for example, the Christmas/New Year period.


  • Preparing a comprehensive Residential Premises Condition Report prior to the Tenants taking possession of the premises, complete with a full set of digital photographs to support the report.


  • Placing emphasis on Tenant payments being made on time when due & pursue the Tenants should they fail to meet their obligations. Tenants will be familiarised with our rent arrears policy during the Lease signing meeting.


  • Responding promptly to repairs and maintenance by engaging skilled, licensed and insured tradespeople, ensuring your investment is maintained properly and Tenants kept satisfied. 
  • Arranging & monitoring repairs and maintenance, ensuring they’re of a quality standard and are cost-effective as well as carried out by qualified & licensed tradespeople.


  • Inspecting your investment on a regular basis, as agreed in the agency agreement, and reporting to you in writing including photos of your property.


  • Conducting regular rental reviews to ensure the best possible return on your investment.


  • Renegotiation of the Lease agreement ahead of the lease expiring, to help ensure longevity of the tenancy.


  • Arranging a depreciation schedule at your request so as to maximise the return on your investment at tax time. 


  • Produce easy-to-read owner's statements as well as financial year statements. 


  • Managing payment of your accounts including council, water & strata rates, insurances, land tax as well as maintenance & repair invoices.


  • Ensuring the Tenants are invoiced for water usage & that water usage is recovered from the Tenants.


  • Conducting a thorough and fair final inspection of the property prior to returning the rental bond to the Tenants.


  • Handling all paperwork including Lease preparation, notices, inspection reports, bond lodgement and more.


  • Handling insurance claims on your behalf where possible.


  • Minimise disputes with the Tenant and attend NCAT, if necessary, with extensive experience, knowledge and skill.

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